Cell activator


Terastim universal

Terahertz waves improve blood vessels, widening them and making them more efficient.
elastic, which improves blood circulation. Infrared heating strengthens our immune system as the cells that fight health problems can act more quickly in the event of an infection. This combination makes it possible to improve health in a simple and effective way.

Terastim universal

Terastim Universal is a health-promoting device based on infrared radiation.
heat and super weak terahertz waves (here is a separate description of the
terahertz waves). Terahertz waves enhance blood vessels, widening them and making them more elastic, thus improving blood circulation. And thanks to the high permeability of terahertz waves, microcirculation in the different organs and tissues of the body is improved.


Elastic blood vessels

With aging, the elasticity of blood vessels decreases, leading to major health problems. Terahertz waves activate nitric oxide (NO) which makes blood vessels more elastic.

Strengthens the immune system

Terahertz waves penetrate the body deeply – up to 30 cm. This allows us to reach the bone marrow and activate the immune cells there.

The right combination

The combination of infrared radiation, heat and terahertz waves leads to an increased production of collagen, improves blood and lymph circulation and also relieves spasms and reduces pain.


You use the device by holding it against different zones of the body and in places where you want to direct heat with terahertz waves. Distance from the body should be 3-4 cm. The treatment can work through clothing if the clothing is 100% cotton or 100% wool.

If you are not a Northern European national, an inexpensive adapter marked for your country  is required for this item.

Improves blood supply to the brain


Endocrine regulation

Regeneration of nerve cells

Strengthens the immune system

“Take care of your brain and your brain will take care of you…”

Boris Aranovich